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Breaking down hitters for pitch calling

By Derek Johnson
Associate Head Coach, Vanderbilt University

Pitch calling is definitely an art more than science.  It is based on many factors which I will attempt to get to in a minute, but first and foremost calling the right pitch is about feel of the umpire, pitcher, situation of the game, who is hitting, and who might be hitting behind the current hitter.  It is about the rhythm of the game, taking chances, guts, guile, and the right mentality.  The first place to start is knowing the pitcher and what his strengths and weaknesses may be. …

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What’s in a Mound Visit?

When things start to unravel on a pitcher and an innings begins to get away, coaches will call time out and make their way out to the mound to speak with their pitcher.  There may be a list of things not going as well as he would like, but a visit from the pitching coach seems to calm things down.  Some coaches will move with a slower pace while other may be on and off the field before you know it.  The art of the mound visit can make a pitching coach look really smart …

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Components of Calling a Game

Brandon Tormoehlen
Bellarmine University
Should I let my catcher call the game or should I? This is a question that every pitching coach or head coach has to answer. Some coaches like to have more control of the game; others enjoy teaching their catchers how to call the game; and for some it’s a way we can still compete. This article will highlight a few of the factors that go into each pitch call throughout the course a game. Pre-series scouting reports, an opposing hitter’s swing, pitcher’s stuff, and adjustments will all be examined.
Pre-series scouting reports, whether …

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Games or Showcases?

As coaches are making decisions on what events to attend and where to see the prospects they covet, choices must be made to decide the venues and events to see them in.  Some coaches prefer to see more talent in one place in a showcase setting while others like to see the pitcher in a more meaningful competitive game that will usually have far less talent on the field.  With that, we want this weeks panel of coaches to share with us which scenario do they prefer to see.  A less meaningful inning or two …