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InsidePitching.com is a comprehensive internet site dedicated to the exchange of information about pitching and pitching related topics. Informational contributions are provided by current and former coaches of all levels (professional, collegiate, high school and youth), pitchers, scouts, strength and conditioning specialist, along with other professionals from the fields of sports psychology, nutrition and sports therapy.

InsidePitching.com was NOT created for the purpose of promoting a single teaching model; rather, it is an open forum to discuss various ideas relative to pitching. Our goal is to present various types of pitching information. Whether it’s new school, old school or anything in between, we want our readers to decide what’s right for them and the players they work with.

Regardless of what level you coach or play at, InsidePitching.com will have something for you. Our various content sections will offer the best variety in pitching information today.

Feature Story – This section will encompass all aspects of pitching including information on skill training, strength training, mental training, strategy, nutrition and much more. In addition, there will be several position articles and opinion papers to spark the discussion about some of the latest techniques in pitching training today. The feature story will have new content about every 3-4 days with stories appearing more frequently during special segments.

Balls and Strikes –

Strength Training – This section will provide strength training information and training plans specific to pitchers. These articles will be written by college, and professional strength coaches as well as personal trainers, nutritionist, and performance coaches. The “Strength Training” section will post a new article once per week.

Mound Visits – This section will provide more of a human element to our site. Mound visits will be human interest stories covering interesting and unique events that have occurred from the pitchers and pitching coach’s perspective. This section will have content from all types of writers including coaches, journalists, and the very people who are sharing the stories with us. This section will not have a set schedule, so make sure to keep checking it for new stories

Interviews – This section will take an in-depth look into some of the coaches and players that are shaping the world of pitching today. Using a question and answer format, our readers will gain perspective into some of the today’s most up to date topics and happenings in pitching. This section does not have a set schedule and will present different interviews through out the year.

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Regional Pitchers of the Week –

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