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Pitching Mechanics from A to Z

By Joey Seal
Norfolk State University
From day one when I get a pitcher in my system, I ensure they understand the most imperative concept to mechanics is the ability to repeat them.  I am not big on encouraging every pitcher to be the same.  After all, sometimes the quirks and unconventional motions in a pitchers motion are what make him most effective.  The base of my philosophy is if the mechanics allow for effectiveness, are not putting the risk of injury out there, and are repeatable, I will not change a whole lot. However, there are …

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What is the No. 1 Factor when Recruiting a Pitcher

As the summer recruiting season is now upon us coaches from around the nation will be out at tournaments and showcases trying to find the next great weekend starter or the final piece to a bullpen that will carry them to Omaha.  As coaches try to beat the bushes to find these prospects we wanted to evaluate what characteristics were most important to the coaches recruiting them.  For this weeks balls and strikes we asked our panel of coaches to look at this process.  While there are many factors that go into offering a pitcher …

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Building a New Staff from the Ground Up

By Rob Smith
Creighton University
In my eleven years as a division one pitching coach I will not have as much turnover as our staff will have this year.  We lose all three-weekend starters along with three of our four-bullpen guys.  We will return about 75 innings total from this year’s staff.  That in many ways is a very scary thought.  Experience goes a long way in this game and to face the prospects of completely over hauled staff can be very daunting.  On the other hand, one could look at it as a new challenge and …